[Friendship link template download and disassembly] How to choose the compilation of the friendship link

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This article will tell you about the download and disassembly of the friendship link template, and how to choose the corresponding knowledge points for the compilation of the friendship link. Everyone is helpful, don't forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to add a website friendship link template, the text on the homepage is fine 2. How to use the friendship link, I really want to link with others 3. How to set the friendship link template Okay 1. The above line is displayed like this in the viewer: Friendly link: Visit Google! Click Visit Google! You can now link to Google.com. 2. After the completion, we only need to regenerate the homepage once, click "Dynamic Release" - "Generate Homepage", after regenerating, click View and Appreciate to directly enter the homepage of our website . 3. Graphic module: open your photo (picture), right click, properties, copy picture address, customize, module, new module, big picture module, delete http:// in the picture address Trace, paste the picture address, and delete http:// in the problem link. Enter the website you want to link to, and write what you want in the description. How to use the friendship link, I really want to have a friendship link with others. Question 4 Download and disassemble the friendship link template: How to find a Taobao shop to make a friendship link? You can find others to add friendship links, and then others can find you through friendship links. This is also a way to increase traffic and download and install friendship link templates. When choosing a friendship link template to download and install, try not to choose a store that operates different products from your own, otherwise it will cause competition. Add QQ link group: Search for friendship link groups in the QQ group to intervene, and then send your friendship link information in the QQ group. Find other websites related to your website, and use the friendly links on them to send emails and add QQ chat links one by one. Hello, if you are looking for a friendship link, you can search on Baidu. If there is a friendship link platform, you can look for it. Let me talk about how to find it above. You enter your request, find a website that suits you, and then contact the friendship link personnel of the website to communicate with them. How to set up a friendship link 1. First, log in to the Taobao store and click "My Taobao". Click "Shop Decoration" in the "Shop Management" on the right. On the right side of the newly opened page, click the little gear in "Friendship Links". A small window will pop up, click the "Add New Link" button in the window. 2. The method of adding friendship links to the website: enter the background, open the homepage file; add a layer or module that only the homepage will have, and other pages will not; add the required friendship links in the layer or module; modify and delete After the completion, save the intervention; the home page display is enough. 3. Click to enter, and find the "Friendship Link" or the code "{ My:friendlink}" in the many tabs to modify. Click to set its "source code" and then copy the friendship link code information above to start a new line, change the URL and keywords in the figure below to the website we need to add, and click Save. This is the end of the introduction on how to choose the method of downloading and disassembling the friendship link template and the method of the friendship link. I wonder if you have found the information you need from it? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

[Friendship link template download and disassembly] How to choose the compilation of the friendship link

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